song for the end of the world

Mat Lindenberg and Jadda Tsui

August 31—September 29, 2017

+15 Window Exhibition

Exhibition Description

a fleeting feeling that comes from a fall,

an accumulation of moments

from the passing of time.

almost invisible while you are watching,

but happening all the same.


Mat and Jadda both usually make art that is purely digital, so this is a weird new thing for them.

Mat has blonde hair that looks like grass, and Jadda has black hair that looks like an ocean. 

They are both from Calgary. Mat completed his undergraduate degree the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2015, where Jadda is currently enrolled. Their collaborative work investigates the functions and places of systems through simulation and narrative. Most recently, they have exhibited at the AMAAS Media Arts Conference, as well as EMMEDIA’s Particle + Wave.