ᐊᑯᑳᐧᒋᑲᓂᐢ (akokwâcikanis) Adorning the Land/Body, Danielle Elizabeth Piper, 2022, The New Gallery’s Billboard 208 Space
Currently, TNG operates:

  • Main Space — an exhibition venue in a storefront of the historic Canton Block in Calgary Chinatown
  • Billboard 208 — a programming site situated on the exterior of TNG’s storefront
  • Main Frame — an online platform for web-based projects
  • Resource Centre — a combined library/archive and flexible meeting space

The New Gallery (TNG) currently programs three exhibition spaces, the Main Space, Billboard 208, and The Mainframe Online Space as well as various offsite projects. Proposals are accepted during annual calls for submissions. All submissions are adjudicated by a peer jury, which is comprised of a selection of members of our Programming Committee and artists from our community. Successful applications will be chosen for their congruity with the Gallery’s mandate, artistic merit, critical and conceptual mindfulness, and evidence of the applicant’s ongoing dedication to their career and practice.


These venues support the research, creation, and exhibition of socially relevant and politically informed creative practices from artists at all junctures of their careers, while enabling a public engagement with artist-run culture and contemporary art. TNG’s programming comprises a broad range of art and educational activities, including exhibitions, publications, residencies, offsite projects, and community collaborations that serve to invigorate audiences’ experience of contemporary art and culture.


The Main Space is located at 208 Centre St SE in Calgary Chinatown.

Our main entrance is wheelchair accessible and has no steps to enter. Our front entrance door is not automatic. Our bathroom in the main space is wheelchair accessible, has grab bars by the toilet and has a changing station. Our bathroom is gender neutral and uses unscented soap. All door handles within the center can be operated with a closed fist. We don’t use salt on our walkways, though some of our neighbors do. We welcome service animals! The walkway in front of the building is slanted at the northern end, and has a ramp going upwards on the south end of our block.

Calls for submissions are currently CLOSED


Billboard 208 is a programming site situated on the exterior of TNG’s storefront. It features large scale prints by programmed artists.

  • The finished banner is 204"W x 48"H, and requires an additional 6" on either horizontal side, and an additional 2" vertically for a total of 216"W x 52"H.
  • Vector Format - 1:10 (21.6 x 5.2)
  • Bitmap Format - minimum scale of 1:2
  • Print resolution is 300dpi
  • CMYK colours

Calls for submissions are currently Closed.


Mainframe is The New Gallery’s online platform for web based projects. These online exhibitions are an extension of The New Gallery’s Main Space programming. Mainframe prioritizes accessibility in distributing art to the public, especially for those who are unable to attend in person programming.

Calls for submissions are currently Closed.


The New Gallery’s Resource Centre functions as an office space for staff, a flexible meeting space and a library. It also holds the New Gallery’s physical archive. All are welcome to book the space during office hours to explore our library and archive. You may also purchase anything from our online store by inquiring in person at the resource centre or within the gallery. To book time in the resource centre please email our Programming Coordinator, Jasmine at

The New Gallery Resource Center is located directly above The New Gallery Main Space. The entrance door is not automatic, and the vestibule leading to the stairs is tight (38 inches from the door to the first stair). There are 22 narrow stairs that lead into the Resource Center. The bathroom is gender-neutral, and multi-stall, but does not have a wheelchair-accessible stall. All door handles within the center can be operated with a closed fist. Some of our neighbours smoke cigarettes indoors, and the smell permeates into the Resource Center. We do allow service animals and pets to join us upstairs! We typically don’t play ambient music in the space. Occasionally, you can hear our neighbours playing music and singing, and you can hear Center Street traffic.