Main Space Gallery /

Our main entrance is wheelchair accessible and has no steps to enter. Our front entrance door is not automatic. Our bathroom in the main space is wheelchair accessible, has grab bars by the toilet and has a changing station. Our bathroom is gender neutral and uses unscented soap. All door handles within the center can be operated with a closed fist. We don’t use salt on our walkways, though some of our neighbors do. We welcome service animals! The walkway in front of the building is slanted at the northern end, and has a ramp going upwards on the south end of our block.

Resource Center /

The New Gallery Resource Center is located directly above The New Gallery Main Space. The entrance door is not automatic, and the vestibule leading to the stairs is tight (38 inches from the door to the first stair). There are 22 narrow stairs that lead into the Resource Center. The bathroom is gender-neutral, and multi-stall, but does not have a wheelchair-accessible stall. All door handles within the center can be operated with a closed fist. Some of our neighbours smoke cigarettes indoors, and the smell permeates into the Resource Center. We do allow service animals and pets to join us upstairs! We typically don’t play ambient music in the space. Occasionally, you can hear our neighbours playing music and singing, and you can hear Center Street traffic.

︎ Staff are very happy to facilitate comfortable meetings in any way we can. ︎
Please call ahead at (403) 233 2399 or e-mail us at
to let us know how we can accommodate you. 

Getting Here /


Please visit Calgary Transit for the most up-to-date information. The New Gallery is located within the vicinity of multiple bus stops that stop along Center Street. Both 1st Street Station and Center Street Station are a 5 block walk to The New Gallery through downtown.


The New Gallery is located near the RiverWalk bike path, which is the safest bike path to take nearby. There are bike racks on both 2nd Avenue and along 3rd Avenue.


There is paid street parking along Riverfront Ave, 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue. Street parking is free after 6pm Monday to Saturday, and all day Sunday. There are three paid parking lots in the vicinity of The New Gallery. 

There are designated paid handicapped parking stalls in the 202 Centre St SE Parking Lot, which is located across from the Canton Block on 2 Ave (202 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2P 4Y8); and paid parking along 2 Ave going East, in front of the NG Tower Center (115 2 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3C6). Currently, the 202 Centre St SE Parking Lot is offering 2 hours free parking.