The promise that tomorrow made yesterday

Carrie Perreault

December 2, 2014 to January 30, 2015

+15 Window Exhibition

Carrie Perreault’s The promise that tomorrow made yesterday is an installation comprised of approximately sixty-five rubber, latex, and gold glitter chickens between thirty and forty-five centimetres in length. The chickens are presented in the window in three tiers and mimic the displays of local BBQ chicken and duck restaurants often found in Southeast Asia, and in shop windows common in Chinatowns the world over. These chickens hang from custom made hooks that fit around their necks and clasp between their legs, holding them in place, exposed and ready for consumption. This work was created Cambodia in 2013 prior to the national elections, where on-going promises of a brighter tomorrow are made with the frequency and accuracy of horoscope predictions. (The artist is a Gemini born in the year of the Horse.)


Carrie Perreault holds a BA from Brock University, St Catharines. Her multidisciplinary work includes video, installation, sculpture, performance, and audio works. Recent exhibitions include Little Tremors, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei (2014), With my < >, Trade your < >, The Barry Gallery – Taipei Artist Village (2014), and Because Everyone Needs Their Hand Held Sometimes, YYZ Artists’ Outlet (Vitrine Gallery), Toronto (2014). She is also the recipient of an Action Research Grant through the Ontario Arts Council facilitated by Tangled Art + Disability, whose intent is to explore the impact of funding and the practice of artists with disabilities.