The Hermitess

Jennifer Crighton

June 22 – June 26, 2016

The New Gallery is pleased to present The Hermitess by Jennifer Crighton in partnership with Sled Island. The exhibition will be on view from Wednesday, June 22 to Saturday, June 25 from 12-6PM daily at Quickdraw Animation Society (351 11 Ave SW).

A special, one-day performance will take place at Quickdraw on Saturday, June 25 at 3PM.

The Hermitess is the doppelganger of Jennifer Crighton. Composed of a film, sound, and sculptural installation, The Hermitess portrays the voice and visage of its central character as she comes to terms with her otherness, searching for a lone and impenetrable place both within and without. Part landscape video-painting and part aural incantation, The Hermitess describes those sweet and troubled dreams played out against a backdrop of almost still scenes.

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