Jay Hanscom

October 05 to November 30, 2012

Born and raised on the Lower Mainland of BC, Jay Hanscom spent two years at Langara College in the Fine Arts Program and finished his studies at Emily Carr University in 1998 majoring in sculpture and drawing.

He now resides in Victoria.  In his work, he uses traditional drawing mediums such as pencil, coloured pencil, and oilbar in drawings on paper and wood. These mediums are used in conjunction with elements of collage and the use of industrial materials, such as epoxy resin and autobody pin-striping.

Jay Hanscom produces work that has a strong connection to history, and in particular, a rebellious and romanticized history. Both pop culture and art historical contexts infiltrate his work.

Creative explorations are strongly influenced by his passions for, and broad interests in, music and film; much inspiration stems from a weakness for childhood space adventure movies, classic westerns and hot-rod/motorcycle culture.