Phone Phreaks

Zac Slams

+15 Window Exhibition
August 4 — September 26, 2015

Phone Phreaks plunders salvaged wigs, lipstick, wire, tights, underwear, cellphones, and other useless stuff for gender disruptive strategies. Zac Slams contrasts these objects against a backdrop of free-floating transgender iconography—hormones, smoke-filled skies, cityscapes, and surveillance—which sticks to the walls and gets in the carpet. It generates insurrection in our accessories and adornments, even as our bodies feel inert.


Zac Slams was born in 1992 and currently lives in Calgary, Alberta. She is a collage artist, college student, research assistant, and critical theory groupie. Her work tries to visualize what will come the day after the collapse of the heterosexual matrix. One day she wants to teach on trans culture for a living which is a hopeless ambition but whatever.