October 14, 2023


@ The New Gallery
208 Centre St SE
T2G 2B6 Calgary, AB

As a part of 家電是家人 (Machines to Love), Mantis 美 Mei will guide a Family Portraits Workshop featuring participants favourite home appliances. Mantis will be focusing on teachings from bell hook's book; "All About Love". Participants are asked to bring a home appliance to the workshop, something they use often and that is easy for them to transport.

There are 12 spots total to participate in this workshop, if you sign up and realize later that you can't make it, please be mindful and give your spot up to someone else who may want to participate!
Mantis 美 Mei Bio:
I am still little. So I play. Gift giving and hanging out and LOVINGG!!! is a part of my practice. Through my work, I ask you to consider laughing (hehe hahahaha) and smiling ( sometimes crying (wahhh wahhh) together as forms of community building.

Fun facts about me:
- I am super young and cute. And overall irresistible. And young.
- My favourite family guy quote "Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it's probably crap."
- ^Just kidding. I've never watched family guy