I ♥ this place

Jennifer Tellier

+15 Window Exhibition
August 31 to September 28, 2014

I asked him to stand naked in the lake.

I took a picture of a bench at Lake Louise. That was years ago.

If we could just stay in here a little while longer.

But all I want to know is, is it real?

(art made about a place, that I’m not sure really exists)


Jennifer Tellier was raised on the Albertan prairies; quickly calling the lakes, forests, and mountains that surrounded her, her home. Her practice is an exploration of personal experiences and understandings of what it means to be a beneficiary of a colonized land. She has shown in Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge, attended the Gushul Residency in the Crowsnest Pass and participated in performance workshops led by James Luna, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, and Rita McKeough. She completed her BFA at ACAD in 2012, and currently lives in Toronto, pursuing her MFA at York University.