I am not afraid to be kind


Friday, June 22, 6PM

The New Gallery is pleased to present I am not afraid to be kind by NIK, in partnership with Sled Island. This special one time performance will take place on Friday, June 22 at 6PM at The # Legion Second Floor (116 7 Ave SE).

Performance Description

Belonging to the individuals of an Eastern European descent, pieces of gendered clothing come together to form one person fully capable of functioning and existing. This person stands in front of the audience, playing for them and giving them their all, until there is half to nothing left. Tamburica is sharp and makes a striking and impactful noise. The instrument itself is not alone. The instrument is meant to be part of a group in which its sound becomes complete. Played by itself, it remains an incomplete, unfinished sentence, not fully realized emotion. With this in mind there is no way of getting an answer from the player because the player doesn’t know themselves.
NIK is a mixed media artist, working mainly in performance. Though performance they explore ideas of queer bodies and the idea of “the other.” Coming from a different cultural and religious background, they are negotiating where their body fits and how their body is talking about its past experiences and memories. Through this process NIK is trying to find a connection between their cultural upbringing and their queerness.