Favourite Ways with Pheasants: Monday through Sunday

Jody MacDonald

October - November, 2007

In Favourite Ways With Pheasant: Monday through Sunday Jody MacDonald uses soft sculpture and black humor to lure spectators into a meditation on identity within the context of a contemporary, consumer-driven society. The artwork lightheartedly implores viewers to question their passive acceptance of traditional societal roles. These identities are worn as accessories, allowing for comfortable interactions with others; however these same facilitators can leave people feeling trapped within an inauthentic version of themselves. In this installation, MacDonald highlights this dichotomy by combining whimsical figures with elements of bondage and intends to confront the viewer with a situation that is equal parts attractive and repulsive.

Currently (2007) living in Vancouver, Jody MacDonald is completing her BFA at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. She has exhibited widely on the West Coast of Canada and is featured in numerous private collections throughout Ontario and British Columbia.