Eye of the Storm

This Is My City Art Society

+15 Window Exhibition
April 6 – May 30, 2015

An exhibit of work produced by artists of the Wild Rose Studio at the Calgary Drop-In Center

The eye of the storm is a quiet center in the middle of chaos. It aptly describes what creating art represents for the artists taking part in this exhibition.

“For us, Art is the quiet, calm place in our some times chaotic lives.  It is the peaceful center where we can take shelter form the uncontrollable winds of homelessness.   It is where we find focus, peace and tranquility.   It is a space to think and to keep ourselves centered.”

With their individual and varied visual voices, the five artists of the Wild Rose Studio share with us their passion for creating.   Each of them approaches their work with personal vision and interest.  All of them find both refuge and connection through art.  Their shared exemplary devotion to their artistic practice allows them to connect with each other and with the world.    Art is for them a way of existing in the world as well as a way of seeing the world.

When life is stripped down to its essence, art remains a grounding force for so many of us.  The artists of the Wild Rose Studio are living proof of this force.

-Patricia Lortie, This is My City Artist-mentor and Exhibition Curator


This is My City Art Society recognizes the creative voice of every citizen and believes we are all richer for having listened. This is My City (TMC) began as a yearlong City of Calgary program in 2008. Artists worked in shelters, service agencies, and on the streets to increase opportunities for homeless and at-risk individuals to make art. At the program’s conclusion, several of the artists felt like things were just starting. So, in 2010 they formed an independent, volunteer-run society to continue the work. Options for creative expression for the homelessness are extremely limited; TMC artist-mentors provide opportunities and peer-to-peer guidance in several arts disciplines.

Bari Camero, An Dong, Ann Lee, Melva L. Thomson, and Ruth Vickers are making dedicated efforts to develop as artists despite their experiences of homelessness. Painter, sculptor and TMC artist-mentor Patricia Lortie has worked with this talented group since December to guide them in mounting this exhibition. The exhibit continues at Loft 112 (#112, 535-8 Avenue SE) until April 27.

This is My City Festival began in 2012 to share program participants’ expressions, engage the broader public, and involve community partners in exploring issues surrounding homelessness. For more information please visit: www.thisismycitycalgary.ca