Disoriented Structures

Joshua Hoiberg

June 04 to July 29, 2012

Using the skill set developed over years of masonry and construction experience, local artist Joshua Hoiberg will create a tilted cityscape in TNG's +15 Window Space at the Epcor Centre.


Joshua Hoiberg is a Calgary based artist and stone mason with an interest in using art as a means to harmonize and clarify his own ideas by externalizing them. Like shouting out at the world to better understand its echo, he strives to offer the viewer a slightly unfamiliar perspective on parts of their everyday lives.

As an emerging artist, his medium tends to revolve around what he has at hand, and whichever material seems to resonate best with his current exploration. Interested in challenging his own perceived potential, he is almost always in the process of learning a new way to craft an idea. Sculpture, charcoals, performance, installation pieces, tattoo designs, vinyl toys and theatrical posters are some of the media he has explored. Joshua approaches his work as an open communication, looking forward to hearing the other side ofthe conversation. He has worked with a wide variety of individuals and groups looking to broaden his perspective through collaboration, and is always looking forward to the next one . . .


All around us structures are reaching skyward. Social, economic, political, private and public, these buildings start with such a simple framework and solidify into the
landmarks that we use to orient ourselves. Though these constructs guide me, I have little understanding into the reasons why some structures succeed, others fail, or why some exist at all. What does the building of the “Bow”, a recession, a 50th wedding anniversary, or a new art gallery actually mean to a person? To you? There is an intrinsically human aspect to each new construct. Whether our foundation is concrete or a simple “hello”, each building encapsulates an aspect of our perspective. What then does it mean if we are overwhelmed by a sense of being “lost” within a labyrinth of such structures?

- Joshua Hoiberg, 2012