Digital Tools for Spatial Layouts and Previsualization

In this workshop, Laura Anzola & Matthew Waddell will teach you how to use SketchUp (free web version) to create 3D layouts for your art projects. You'll learn to build scale models of real-world environments, like galleries, and arrange your creative ideas within these spaces. This technique, known as previsualization, helps artists prototype ideas, create proposals, and share their visions effectively.

Laura Anzola (b. Bogotá, Colombia) and Matthew Waddell (b. Calgary, Canada) have collaborated for over eight years, crafting award-winning audiovisual designs, installations, and interactive pieces that examine the relationship between human interaction and digital media. Operating both independently and through their creative studio, Axis Z Media Arts (AZMA), they have showcased their work at festivals, galleries, and theatre spaces across Canada.

The New Gallery uses for live captions during Zoom events.