The New Gallery (TNG) calls itself an Artist-Run Centre, meaning that it’s staff is made up (usually) of artists. Artist-Run Centres often offer opportunities for stable income for artists that work in the community, all while they continue to work as artists, writers and/or curators. While TNG always has and continues to work to support our staff with regular cost of living raises, health benefits and funded professional development opportunities, it is our belief that moving away from a hierarchical staff model (Director, Programming Coordinator, Communications and Outreach Coordinator) will strengthen institutional memory, create organizational resiliency, staff stability and equitable pay models. As such, TNG is pleased to announce a new co-director staffing model, which aims to centre lateral leadership, collaboration and collective decision making.

The co-director model is currently organized between one Co-Director whose primary priorities include executing the artistic vision of The New Gallery through artistic programming and community-based initiatives; and one Co-Director whose primary priorities encompass fund development, operations management and vision planning and execution. Along with the co-director position, TNG is imagining up a new position for our communications, outreach and digital programming, which has culminated in a single position that centres community outreach and TNG’s digital programming.

The New Gallery is thrilled to introduce the folks who will be filling these positions: Jasmine Piper as our programming co-director, Alexa Bunnell as our operations co-director and Winona Julian as our community outreach and digital programming coordinator.

This isn’t the first time TNG has had a co-director model, and we are so grateful for all of our past team members who worked in leadership roles to bring TNG to where it is today, including most recently Sanaa Humayun and Su Ying Strang.

Thank you for all your continued support. Any questions about these changes can be answered through our email,