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A drawing of a house with many vines growing on it. This is seemingly Kiona's Moshom's house. There are food stains on the paper which this drawing is on.

The beginnings of this map were commissioned by BlackFlash Magazine as part of their BlackFlash Expanded programming. It was intended to be an open-ended, interactive guide on possible considerations when mapping. You can find the zine ︎here to download it for free. If you use this zine as a workbook to make your own map, I would love to see it.

You can email me at kionaligtvoet@gmail.com  :)

Thank-you to The New Gallery for their support in expanding this idea into a wagon trail point and click, and endless thanks always to my family who helped me make it.

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︎︎︎︎ The sound of footsteps walking through grass, then onto a wooden porch, then the sound of windchimes can be heard.

Supported by Canada Council for the Arts,
Calgary Arts Development and the Calgary Foundation.