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you me + ripples of relations is a resource, a tool for learning and reflection. It is a visual synthesis of a few concepts that have informed my understanding of interpersonal conflict and how energy moves through webs of relations. My hope is that this work offers an access point to understanding one’s domain and boundaries, and the relevance of cultivating awareness of how we extend ourselves towards one another.


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Pam Tzeng 曾小桐  (she/they) is a second-generation Taiwanese-Canadian choreographer and interdisciplinary artist based in Mohkinstsis, Treaty 7 Territory.

Pam’s work is an evolving collection of intimate and visceral reflections on the politics of the body. Pam takes pleasure in extremes to craft honest and animated performances, immersive installations and experiences. Led by their embodied curiosities, Pam graciously traverses charged thematic territories to reveal and empower unseen truths.

Pam is a commitment to offering the breadth of their creativity and intelligences to the work of equity and anti-oppression in the arts and cultural sector. They are dedicated to transforming conflict into connection through the many dimension of their practice including their work as an artist, facilitator, conflict resolution practitioner and somatic coach.

For more about what Pam cares about, does and has made or contributed to visit: pamtzeng.com


Programming Artist in Residence (PAiR)

Laura Anzola (b. Bogotá, Colombia) and Matthew Waddell (b. Calgary, Canada) have collaborated for over eight years, crafting award-winning audiovisual designs, installations, and interactive pieces that examine the relationship between human interaction and digital media. Operating both independently and through their creative studio, Axis Z Media Arts (AZMA), they have showcased their work at festivals, galleries, and theatre spaces across Canada.


you me + ripples of relations is inspired by three lineages of learning that I have been deepening in my work as a somatic coach and conflict practitioner: The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin, Loving Justice Framework by Kai Cheng Thom and Strozzi Somatics / The Politics of Trauma.

As an artist who primarily centres their practice in the performing and live arts, I am humbled by this opportunity to challenge and expand my creativity through 3D digital art making.

A joyful dance in gratitude to The New Gallery for offering me the chance to experiment, virtually exhibit and receive mentorship from my PAiR collaborators Laura Anzola and Matthew Waddell of Axis Z Media Arts (AZMA).



Please feel welcome to share this resource. Thank you for honouring Pam Tzeng’s work by including the following attribution when doing so:

you me + ripples of relations. Pam Tzeng. 2024. https://www.pamtzeng.com/projects/you-me-ripples.