ummmmp / asinnajaq

ummmmp asinnajaq  May 30 – August 30, 2022 Curated by The Shell Project In asinnajaq’s words, ummmmp is an attestation of love for Inuit come and gone and still with us. It is an acknowledgment of life, love, and loss.

ᐊᑯᑳᐧᒋᑲᓂᐢ (akokwâcikanis) Adorning the Land/Body

   Danielle Elizabeth Piper –ᐊᑯᑳᐧᒋᑲᓂᐢ (akokwâcikanis) Adorning the Land/Body, 2022 ᐊᑯᑳᐧᒋᑲᓂᐢ (akokwâcikanis) Adorning the Land/Body Danielle Elizabeth Piper March 1, 2022 – May 30, 2022 This exhibition is on view at Billboard 208, a programming site situated on the exterior storefront of The New